Information about PromoTix Reseller

How it works


Listing Tickets for Sale

It's easy to list and resell tickets on PromoTix Reseller.

1. Create your PromoTix Reseller account and then login. Note: PromoTix Reseller accounts are different from standard PromoTix accounts.

2. Hit the Sell a Ticket button in the top right-hand corner of your account.

3. Fill in all of the details about your listing and the ticket(s) you are selling. Note: DO NOT upload any images of your ticket(s) or your ticket barcode(s). If you do, someone may steal your ticket(s)!

4. Once you've listed your ticket(s) for sale, wait for a buyer to purchase them.

5. Once a buyer has purchased your ticket(s), you will receive an email from Sharetribe asking you to either accept or deny the transaction. You have 3 days to accept transactions before they are canceled automatically. Once you accept the transaction, the buyer's payment will be processed and their funds will be held in escrow. Both you and the buyer will receive a receipt of the transaction via email.

6. After accepting the transaction, use your Inbox in the top right-hand corner of your PromoTix Reseller account to communicate with your buyer. You will likely need to collect their personal details in order to transfer your ticket(s) to them.

7. Once you have collected all of the information you need, promptly deliver your ticket(s) to the buyer:

  • If the ticket(s) you sold are in the form of physical goods (for example: physical wristbands, lanyards, etc.): ship your physical items to the buyer. You can use your Inbox in your PromoTix Reseller account to collect the buyer's shipping information.
  • If the ticket(s) you sold were issued by PromoTix: transfer your ticket(s) to the buyer by following these instructions here.
  • If the ticket(s) you sold were not issued by PromoTix: transfer your ticket(s) to the buyer according to the issuing platform(s) instructions.

8. Once the buyer receives your ticket(s), they will have the option to either mark the order as "Completed" or dispute it. Please note that buyers are allowed up to 5 days after the start date of the event or 85 days from sale (whichever is soonest) to mark the order as "Completed." If your buyer fails to mark the order as "Completed," the order will be marked as "Completed" automatically 5 days after the start date of the event or 85 days from sale (whichever is soonest).

9. That's it! Once the order has been marked as "Completed," your funds minus all applicable fees (please see below) will be automatically deposited into your bank account within 5 business days.

Purchasing Tickets

Purchasing tickets on PromoTix Reseller is as easy as it gets.

1. Create your PromoTix Reseller account and then login. Note: PromoTix Reseller accounts are different from standard PromoTix accounts.

2. Browse listings and find event ticket(s) you want to buy. Once you have found a listing you would like to purchase, click on the Buy Tickets button in the top right hand-corner of the listing.

3. Enter in your payment information to complete the purchase. You will notice a pre-authorized charge on your card statement, however your payment will not be processed until the seller accepts the transaction. Sellers have 3 days to accept transactions before they are canceled automatically.

4. Use your Inbox in the top right-hand corner of your PromoTix Reseller account to communicate with the seller. You will likely need to provide your personal details in order for the seller to transfer their ticket(s) to you.

5. Once the seller accepts the transaction, your payment will be processed and your funds will be held in escrow. Both you and the seller will receive a receipt of the transaction via email.

6. We will notify the seller to promptly deliver their ticket(s) to you.

7. After receiving your ticket(s), attend the event while we hold onto your money to protect your purchase.

8. After you have attended the event, if there were no issues with your purchase, mark the order as "Completed" in your PromoTix Reseller account. To mark the order as "Completed", check your Inbox in the top right-hand corner of your PromoTix Reseller account. Note: only mark your order as "Completed" once you have verified that there are no issues with your order.

9. Once you have marked the order as "Completed", the seller will receive their payment within 5 business days.

Tickets Validity Guarantee

We guarantee your tickets are valid for entry to any event listed on this website if purchased within 80 days leading up to an event. You have up to 3 days after your event start date to file a claim for a refund if you were told at the event that your tickets were not valid for entry. 

If for some reasons your tickets do not work at the event, you can file a claim with PromoTix Reseller for a refund within the first 3 days after your event start date, on any event tickets which were purchased within 80 days leading up to an event.  For tickets that were purchased more than 80 days before the event start date, you'll want to double check to ensure the tickets you're buying are valid for entry. You can usually do this by calling the original event creator and validating the ticket numbers. If you're unsure or can't validate the tickets yourself, it's best to wait until the event date is closer and within the protection window, so that you are protected by PromoTix Reseller's Tickets Validity Guarantee.

"PromoTix" Tickets Validity Guarantee

We guarantee any tickets that were originally created and sold by the event creator using PromoTix, and resold on this website, are valid for entry no matter when the secondary sale was made.  For any original PromoTix issued ticket, we guarantee that the ticket is valid and will be good for entry. We can do this because we match the seller with the original ticket buyer information on, and can effectuate the transfer officially in our system to the buyer.  This means we can legitimize the transfer of the ticket for the buyer to ensure ownership is transferred.

Seller Fees & Sales Commissions

PromoTix charges a 10% sales commission for all tickets sold through it's site.  Credit card processing fees are included in this commission.

Sales Taxes

PromoTix does not charge sales taxes on transactions currently through PromoTix Reseller. All sellers are responsible for calculating, collecting, and remitting any sales taxes due to their local municipalities.

Buyer Ticket Service Fees

PromoTix charges a 10% ticket service charge for all tickets purchased through this site.  Credit card processing fees are included in this service charge.